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Prostate Cancer And Details of Prostate Cancer Causes

prostate cancer causes

If prostate gland affects cancer, then prostate cancer happens. The prostate glands affect, which produce some essential fluids and play an important role to control urine. The location of the prostate gland is below the bladder that in front of your rectum. If it develops in your prostate gland, it grows slowly. But, some rare cases the cells grow aggressively. ... Read More »

Get Details of Lung Cancer with Lung Cancer Causes

lung cancer causes

This is one of the most serious and common cancers, lung cancer. It starts with windpipe, which is the major airway or the lung tissue. Though there are no early or primary signs and symptoms of lung cancer, it develops eventually. You’ll find them such as bloody coughing, persistent cough, and breathlessness, weight loss, fatigue etc. Its treatment depends on ... Read More »

Find Details of Breast Cancer with Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer

It’s breast cancer, that’s the most commonly available in women. It’s the second largest cause of death with cancer in women after lung cancer. As the screening and treatment are improved, the success survival rates advance since 1989. Only in the U.S., there are more than 3.1 million women are breast cancer survivors. The rate of death on breast cancer ... Read More »

Learn Pancreatic Cancer with Pancreatic Cancer Causes

pancreatic cancer causes

Pancreatic Cancers are exocrine cancers in most cases. The NETs tumor or the tumor of islet cell that is less common. But, looks like a better prognosis or outlook. Your pancreas locates behind your stomach but in front of your spine. The pancreas cells are two different types that make enzymes release into your small intestine and helps in digestion. ... Read More »

Cancer Treatment in India – Best Cancer Hospital in India

best cancer hospital in India

Cancer Treatment in India is a great option for many people across the world. Cancer is a curable disease, but it thought as a deathful one in the olden ages. Cancer is abnormal cells split without a controlling way. If this happens, then it becomes cancer. Once upon a time, it distracted the mental as well as the physical balance ... Read More »

Stomach cancer causes – what is that? Definitions and knowing about it

stomach cancer causes

When cancer cells grow from the internal lining of your stomach is calling Stomach cancer. Into a tumor, this cancer can develop. Another name for this cancer is gastric cancer. This cancer developed in a slow way over many years. If you can guess the symptoms of this cancer, you and your doctor can be able to remove it. Most ... Read More »

Bladder cancer causes – what is that, symptoms and why it occurs?

bladder cancer causes

Another name of bladder cancer is transitional epithelium. Which cancer begins in the bladder for cells lining, called Bladder cancer.  Like all cancers it also life-risking illness. But bladder cancer can treat at the early stage. The most common symptom of bladder cancer is Hematuria. The bladder can detect the testing of urine. This cancer found in over 55 years ... Read More »

Thyroid cancer causes – what is that? Why does it cause in our body?

thyroid cancer causes

For knowing the thyroid cancer causes it is important to know what is thyroid. The Gland of thyroid situated in the front of the neck. This gland is making thyroid hormone for our body. This hormone is important for our body’s metabolism. Thyroid contains Parafollicular cells which are using for producing the thyroid hormone. Hyperthyroidism causes when too much thyroid ... Read More »

The 4-best eye hospital in Kolkata for your eye – be careful about your eye and give the best treatment

Best Eye Hospital in Kolkata

Do you have any difficulties in your eye? Do you want to treat your eye in the best eye hospital in Kolkata? If yes you are in the right place. There are many hospitals in the Kolkata. To find the best hospital is very difficult but don’t worry we are here for you. We find the best-rated hospital in Kolkata. ... Read More »

Apollo Hospital Kolkata is one of the best hospitals – why it is the best?

Apollo Hospital Kolkata

Apollo Hospital Kolkata has the latest technology and perfect blending. It has 610- bedded capacity with multi-specialty triennial care hospital. With its complete framework and competent care, they have heartfelt hospitality. They are also very fortunate to serve and defining the hospital. It is a joint adventure of Apollo Group of Hospitals, India and Parkway Health of Singapore. It is ... Read More »