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Head and Neck Cancer- It’s Signs – Symptoms & Risk Factors

Head and Neck Cancer- It’s Signs – Symptoms & Risk Factors

Head and Neck cancer combines with cancer, which starts within nose, mouth, throat, sinuses, Salivary glands, or larynx. Symptoms include a sore or lump that doesn’t heat, trouble swallowing, sore throat, or your voice change. Moreover, it may include facial swelling, trouble breathing, or unusual bleeding. Up to 75% of head and neck cancer comes with the reason of use tobacco or alcohol. Other risk factors, such as HPV, betel quid, radiation exposure, Epstein-Barr virus etc. the confirmation of this cancer comes while doing tissue biopsy. The stages get determined by blood tests and medical imaging.

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What is Head and Neck Cancer?

Head and neck cancer comes with collectively, which is normally starts in the cells of squamous. It’s a line that moist and mucosal surfaces inside your head and neck, such as mouth, nose, throat etc. this cancer also starts with salivary glands; however, it’s uncommon of salivary glands cancer. These glands have many different cells that may become cancerous. So, there are many types of cancers in the salivary glands. But, cancers of the areas of head and neck categorizes according to the areas where they start. The areas associated with these types of cancers that include some areas of your body. For example, Oral cavity occurs in the lips, tongue, cheeks, and gums etc which are the inner part of your mouth. This way, there is larynx, nasal cavity and Paranasal sinuses along with salivary glands.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Head and Neck Cancers?

The signs and symptoms of this cancer may include a sore or lump that stays more time. Also, it a sore throat, which doesn’t go away, swallowing difficulties with hoarseness or change of voice. The symptoms may cause through other like less serious conditions. If these or any of these happen, meet a doctor or a dentist. The symptoms may affect some specific areas, including oral cavity, pharynx, larynx etc. It may pain while swallowing or eating something. Your pharynx comes with speaking or breathing, swallowing and pain when it occurs. Sometimes you’ll find nasal cavity with Paranasal sinuses that becomes jam and don’t clear.

How to Reduce the Risk of Head and Neck Cancer?

People with the risk of this cancer that particularly those who consume alcohol and tobacco. They must talk to the doctor that may reduce your risk of cancer. You must avoid oral HPV infection that reduces the risk of this cancer. Moreover, there are some drugs of the FDA approved to reduce the risk of HPV vaccines. But, these are not confirming whether it works or not. You must prevent oral cavity that reduces the risk factor for this cancer.

How common is Head and Neck Cancer?

These cancers account about 4% of all cancers in the U.S. They happen more among men in comparative of women with two times more. They also diagnose frequently with the people over 50 than the younger ones. Researchers estimated 65,000 men and women would be diagnosed that have these types of cancers.

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