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Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in the USA

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in the USA

Having car insurance from a good car company is very helpful for your uncertain accidents. When your car has been stolen or encounters with any problem you need not find out too late. Your car insurance provider is near to you.

There are many car insurance companies in the USA. The largest car insurance companies make ads on TV or internet so that people can remember them.

Here I collect top-10 car insurance companies in the USA.

1. Allstate

Allstate is one of the best car insurance companies in the USA. It is a popular car insurance company. It provides high-quality insurance policies, and it has the opportunity for discounts. It has a user-friendly and helpful website. You can find their local agents and a physical office in the most areas. This company has higher ratings from its customers.

2. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual founded in 1912. According to J.D. power’s 2016 U.S., it ranked among the best. The Liberty Mutual has 1.5 million vehicles and its customer service ratings are high. It has great standard coverage. When you’re facing the first accident, their insurance rates won’t go up. They will reimburse for your old car into a new car. This company offers 24-ours claim service.

3. Progressive

According to J.D. power’s 2015 Claims Study, the progressive insurance company didn’t receive the best marks. But they have good customer reviews. They have a great online presence, plenty of discounts and aggressive price.

4. State Farm

State Farm established in 1922. This is a financial stable farm and its customer satisfaction is good. It is popular for offering individual service. It has brick and mortar stores with agents. This company offers many discounts and also it has strong mobile app.

 5. The Hartford

According to the J.D. power, the Hartford Company still receives excellent marks. It only one lacking is its service interaction. It is an old company with more 200 years of business history. They provide some of the best technology in the business. They have a strong website, anybody can apply here for a new policy and also can shop here. They are being active all day long on the phone and online. They have many discounts policy and guaranteed renewals.


USAA insurance company’s customers satisfied with their final settlement after an accident. They received high marks from J.D. power’s Claims Satisfaction Survey. It has one lacking. Only former members of the United States military and their close family members can use it.

7. Auto-Owners Insurance

In 2015 Auto Claim Study J.D. power gave the Auto-Owners Insurance the highest ratings. It has good customer satisfaction. It was situated in 1916. They have financial stability. It provides a variety of discounts and available individual agents.


Geico is also a good car insurance company. It has good customer services. It offers lower prices. They provide a discount for federal employees and military members. For more than 500 “affinity” groups, they offer discounts.


Farmers is also a good car insurance company in the USA. It offers various type of auto coverage choice. Who drive Uber or Lyft, it offers them ride sharing. They offer discounts for a wide range of professionals.


It has no an ample line of products and high customer satisfaction marks. They have plenty rewards program and loyalty points. Customers can earn from here using various companies.


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